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Pokéternal is a dark-themed Pixelmon server that seeks to offer players and ultra-competitive battling environment. Gyms are 100% player-driven and run, as well as the Elite 4 and the world champion.

Players choose a team when they first join the server and compete in weekly RPG events involving legendary Pixelmon. Pokéternal is extremely competitive for a pixelmon server. The economy is totally player-run and most store purchase perks are cosmetic. In order to be a gym leader, a player requires to assemble their own team and to apply. Gym-leaders are not gifted pokemon and have to earn their spot by defeating other players. Pokéternal has a player driven economy - motivated by the Pokemon games and allows for players to create their own thriving businesses.

Really nice staff! They were super helpful when I voted and didn't get one of my rewards. They also care about the community more than anything else and are fun to talk with. 10/10 brand new server!
Posted 11th Jul 2020