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PixelmonGO! Updated to 4.2.7



Ice Gym

Ice Gym

-This server is a creation of PokemonGo but in Minecraft!-

-Here in PixelmonGo we have 4 Teams instead of the 3 Teams you would find in PokemonGo In PixelmonGO the 4 teams are
Team Magma(TeamValor),
Team Aqua(TeamMystic) and,
Team NeoPlasma(TeamInstinct)
Team Rocket (Custom added in by us)

Upon joining my server you will experience a custom built spawn town by no one other that me, myself and I. We also have 3 Custom built gyms, with many more to come!

In my server you will also experience frequently placed poke loot. and tons of spawning pixelmon!

-And if you're wondering how the group system would work in such a diverse server well that's easy!
when you join the server you are Default rank. After playing for 2 hours you will be promoted to any
of the 4 Teams! We currently still need a Leader for the Following groups:
TeamAqua and Team NeoPlasma

-My server has MANY features/plugins you can use to make your gaming experience more fun!
1.Custom Gyms ( Water Gym, Fire Gym, Grass Gym & Many more to go)
2.Double Jump (Hit space bar twice to use this feature!)
3.Essentials (obviously)
4.Land Claim (/lp claim)
5.Friendly Competition between the 4 groups!

Super friendly staff and people! All very helpful! Best pixelmon server out there!
Posted 3rd Sep 2016
Server is awesome. Really friendly and helpful players and admins, tons of Pokémon to catch, hardly ANY lag, I just don't even have words to explain this server. It's seriously awesome! -KiritoSAOxX
Posted 25th Aug 2016
I feel like this server is a very good server. Legendaries spawn often, keep inv is on and pokemons spawn often.
Posted 14th Aug 2016