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Gaia Realms Pixelmon

Gaia Realms Pixelmon


Hello everyone I am an owner of Gaia Realms server network. We are newly designed server network.

We currently use the mod pixelmon from pixelmon reborn. Our server ip is We are a multi-server network. We are an active community with a discord server. We like to allow our players to enjoy themselves as much as they want. We hope you enjoy our server and join us on our amazing journey!
Download the mod through the link below!

We Offer

-Shiny Starters
-Challenging NPC-run gyms (With awesome rewards!)
-Discord chats
-Active staff
-A friendly community
-Weekly Events/Drop Parties

Coming very soon!
-Three player run teams for trainers to join (and progress through ranks!)
-Npc-run elite 4 (with even better rewards!)
-A MMO server (coming very very soon!)

We like pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the latest version of pixelmon. This allows you to see the newest pixelmon as fast as possible. We are a survival server which gives you the ability to build your base the way YOU want to(if you have a idea for a base but need help building, we will try our best to assist you!). We like having fun but please be respectful and follow our rules. But more important than anything else we want you to HAVE FUN and to enjoy our wondrous world.

This is actually the worst pixelmon server I have EVER played on. So laggy, glitchy, and just all around terrible. I had to click Turtwig 20 times (AT LEAST!) to get it to stop looping back to the selection screen. And don't you dare say it was my connection, because it was your garbage server. This server is a disgrace to pixelmon in general.
The server replied:
We are sorry for your bad experience. We have updated a lot since then and have upgraded hosting sites so we have little to no lag right now.
Posted 20th May 2017
Love the server
Lots of fun
10/10 would play again
Posted 14th Apr 2017
Awesome server! Such a good staff and owners, they welcome everyone and have such a good Community. Have not even seen 1 issue yet. Great stats on the server and such a good Voting system. Love this server by far the best one i've ever played.
Posted 14th Apr 2017
This server is really cool! The staff is friendly and active and they even let us start with shiny starters!
Posted 14th Apr 2017
This is a pretty good server. The map is well built, and the staff members are friendly.
Posted 14th Apr 2017