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PokeClash - Custom Content - Pixelmon Reforged


Non-P2W > Custom Plugins > Earn in-game Prefixes/Ranks > Weekly Events, MiniGames & Side Quests > Gyms > Perfect IV Starters > Player Made Towns!
(Earn in-game rewards for downloading and running our technic pack!)

IGN: SlimeCore_
I liked the server so far the staff and the community is helpfull and kind.
My only problem is the "Shiny Modifier" with that you can change every Pokemon to a shiny . So shiny legendarys arent special anymore.
I can recommend to join and test out the server :3
Posted 26th Oct 2019
IGN: KingBeast

This server is very friendly and all the staff are so helpful. It is a welcoming environment that’s tries to keep everyone happy. The staff are also amazing at replying and will get you your help almost instantly.
Posted 8th Oct 2019
IGN: Kitsunekisses
Discord: KitsuneKisses#7690
I honestly have nothing bad to say about the server. Both of the server's Owners are awesome and engaging to their playerbase, and are transparent about their server-related projects. I love talking to every one of the staff and paling around in what I feel is a relaxed atmosphere, with a decent playerbase.

Having a lower end computer, I do tend to lag, but some of that is my own fault, though I do have to wait til a smaller amount of people are online in order to play. I find the economy rather refreshing, and the plugins and textures are sublime! I'm honestly happy to have switched here from Twilight.
Posted 6th Oct 2019
this server is great, non p2w, its got a great community of players who are active, we have a nice player economy and we make legends and shinnies somewhat rare
Posted 5th Oct 2019
The server is awesome. I was bouncing around pixelmon servers with some friends tying to find a good one and stumbled on this one. Been playing on it ever since.
Posted 2nd Oct 2019
This is xXShadow_LoveXx here and I just want to say that I think this server is one of the best servers ive played in a long while! Awesome staff and Awesome events!
Posted 26th Sep 2019
Its just about perfect. The helpers and admins are helpful and friendly (most helpers). The challenges are fun to do and are actually challenging and its a great server to spend time on :).

-username is celestronfeeder for tag x
Posted 17th Sep 2019
I've been playing this server for a little over a week now and I love it. The staff are amazing, the general spawn and builds around the warps are phenomenal and you can tell that a lot of time and care has been put into the server!
Posted 11th Sep 2019
I've started playing on this server and I will say, It's going great! No pay-to-win and great community. Would recommend to try it out.

IGN: Trickybonee
Posted 11th Sep 2019
IGN: Senncubus
Discord: Senncubus #5871
My review of PokeClash: This server is very refreshing! The choices in starters was something I've rarely seen in other pixlemon servers. The inclusion of a mining area is very helpful, the warps are a nice touch, and the minigames (mainly parkour) are very challenging! I've had little to no lag whilst playing on this server as well, which is amazing!
From the interactions I've had with staff, they've all been very nice, the server has a laid back vibe and I really appreciate that.
Posted 10th Sep 2019
I enjoy the server overall. The non pay-to-win aspect of the server is one you don't really find among other Pixelmon servers, and I fills me with joy that Vince actively tries to make pay-to-win decisions.
Posted 7th Sep 2019
Great server, constantly changing and gaining new players every day. Fun community and amazing helpful staff. Great vote rewards but not too op. I'd suggest this server to anyone.

IGN: Jiemma
Posted 29th Aug 2019
What I like about this server is pretty much the lures if I didn't have those I wouldn't have half the pokemon I do now what I dislike easy NOTHING!
Posted 17th Aug 2019
The staff is great, the world is fresh and not overused, it's easy to get started and the best part is that there's no paywall. You dont have to spend a single dollar on the server, just your time.
Posted 15th Aug 2019
I have very much enjoyed my time playing here moire than the other servers I have played on
Posted 14th Aug 2019
i just started this server and this is a perfect server so far! friendly community and staff
Posted 9th Aug 2019
This server is great! The staff is usually on everyday, the owner is very active and takes suggestions from the players, and the community is very close. It may be small when I write this, but its still an awesome server! I really recommend it!
Posted 31st Jul 2019
Very fun server i highly recommend checking them out!
Posted 31st Jul 2019
Very friendly staff, awesome events and very professional yet fun

Would recommend to anybody

Posted 30th Jul 2019
good way to start in a new server
Posted 14th Jul 2019
Legendary spawn rates are really good, there's even a whole other dimension, super cool.
Posted 11th Jul 2019
Server always has something to do. no lag. lots of fun people.
Posted 9th Jul 2019
the best server i ever played in, very fun and the owner is a legend. i love the crates so much lol
Posted 7th Jul 2019
The Server is Great!
Has a very friendly community and the server is very casual friendly.Only issues are server lag and crashes.
Posted 3rd Jul 2019
From what I've seen so far this server is great! The community is amazing, and kind. The staff team is semi professional and all around good people, and the players are really helpful. I recently joined the server and was welcomed, and helped right away. I would totally recommend this server to friends.
Posted 3rd Jul 2019