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PokeClash - Custom Content - Pixelmon Reforged


After a bit of work on a map, waiting on Sponge to have a decent amount of plugins ported and trying to perfect everything for the players, we have finally hit launch!

As you all remember, the Server IP to connect is

How to connect!:

1.) You are going to want to download the Technic Launcher from their website!: Click Here to Download

2.) After you have installed it, to go

3.) From there, hit their technic button or go to
and install the modpack.

4.) Launch and connect to!

We would like to thank those who have stuck with us and welcome the new ones who will join! The server is far from perfected and we have more plugins we plan to add down the line, but if you see any bugs, report them to a staff member!

Some of the new things we added are

PokeBuilder (customize your Pokemon's attributes)
BackPacks (collect and store stuff on the move!)
Always up to date
Weekly updates
PokeParticles (gain items which hold auras, used to give Pokemon cool looking particles!)
PokeHunt (use /hunt to check out which pokemon to catch and earn rewards!)
PokeDex Completion Rewards (complete the pokdex and earn rewards every 10% completed!)
Level System (earn EXP from doing various pixelmon related activities on the server. Each level gained rewards you with a key!)
Newer Server! (that means a fresh start, and a chance to build a tight night community!)
Global Trade Station (sell and buy pokemon to and from other players)
DayCare (deposit Pokemon into the daycare just like in the games watch them gain levels and breed!)
GYMS (ultra competitive gyms with a different tactical A.I to give you a challange!)
So you want a newer server to play on, a fresh start and a chance to have fun not locked behind a pay wall?! Well, what are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY.
Apply for Staff!

Don't forget to apply for a staff position here: Click Here to Apply

We do ask that you join the server first, play a bit and start working on a team before applying.!

Dont forget to follow us on twitter!:
Also, sub to our twitch!:

Don't forget to Vote and welcome back to PokeClash!

it is a very Great server and everyone is so nice
Posted 4th Jun 2019
this server is amazing, nice and helpful staff, with a sorta small but nice good community.
Posted 6th Mar 2019
It's a new server so the playerbase is still growing, but it has a lot of promise. Good staff. Nice map. Friendly and fun community. A great place for anyone looking to join a server that feels like a big group of friends having fun together. Would recommend checking out!
Posted 5th Mar 2019