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Pokeheaven Gold

Pokeheaven Gold


Looking for Staff, Builders and Gym Leaders!
Welcome to the PokeHeaven Gold! Our server is dedicated to fostering great competition, an amazing community, and great players. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Notable Features:

Get started on your gym progress and challenge gym leaders!
Explore the world with /warp survival!
Both GTS and Wondertrade are enabled, try them out with /gts and /wt respectively!
Immerse dungeons with high rewards for trainers of all skill levels.
Get a prime shop location at /warp playershop!
Use /warp safari to catch a wide array of Pokemon for your team!
There are fun easter eggs all around the map waiting to be unearthed!
Shiny Safari events held by staff, where players can catch shinies every Sunday following release!
Friday Night Fight Tournaments hosted by admins every Friday following release!
Saturday Night PixelTrivia events hosted by admins every Saturday following release!
Events hosted by official staff will have large rewards i.e. Legendary Pokemon, Rare items!
We strive to keep the server interesting for our players, and plan on installing major updates every 90 days, i.e. Implementation of teams, etc.!
A Battle Royale official staff hosted event, with custom plugin and map sometime following release!
Vote Rewards!
Come join us!



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