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Ensorcell Community Pixelmon

Ensorcell Community Pixelmon

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EC Logo

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We are a new community and hope to provide the best experience for players. We are working toward purchasing a Dedicated Server to run multiple servers on our own. We currently have one server, PixelmonMod 4.3.0 - 1.8.9 and hoping to add more soon. Join us today and help us grow.

PixelmonMod 4.3.0 | 1.8.9
Refer your friends for a reward!
Vote for a Loot Crate!

Gameshark is disabled on our server.
We have unlimited homes for all players!

Official Side Mods:

GymWars 2
Mystery Gift
Spawn of Psyduck


Lottery System
MMO System
Buy/Sell Shops

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