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Sanctuary Pixelmon

Sanctuary Pixelmon


Sanctuary Pixelmon



Pixelmon Version: Pixelmon REFORGED version 6.3.4

Sanctuary Pixelmon is a competitive-based Pixelmon server, bringing you fierce Gym Battles, weekly Tournaments, a friendly community, and much more!


Safari Zone - You can catch many different rare Pixelmon in our huge Safari Zone!

Competitive Gyms - Leaders of dual-type competitive gyms await your challenge for fierce gym battles!

Weekly Competitive Tournaments - Face off against other skilled Pixelmon players in exciting tournaments, featuring different tiers and formats!

PokeEditor System - Edit your Pixelmon with ease with our PokeEditing system! This allows you to change your Pixelmon's nature, size, caught ball, and more by using money!

PokeHunts - Through the forums if you catch the indicated pokemon you will have great rewards

Weekly Events - We host Drop Parties, and other events weekly!

Other Features
The EVs/IVs sidemod to allow players to check their pokemon's EVs, IVs, and Hidden Power type with a single command
An EV Training Center for players to EV train their pokemon for free and with ease
The GriefPrevention plugin to keep player's builds from being griefed
Pixelmon Riding Enabled
Player-run Towns
All Legendaries Spawn
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server on white-listed for now..
Posted 26th Nov 2018