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HydroX Pixelmon

HydroX Pixelmon 5.0.4


Relive your childhood dreams and become the best Pokemon Trainer around. Play on the latest version of Pixelmon, with fun features such as shiny starters and mounting enabled,

This server is excellent! The other review is a load of rubbish. I was online when that guy joined and starting cussing in chat. He was politely asked, and I quote "Please could you not use bad language in chat" He then insulted the staff for "catering for 7 year olds". He then asked "so am I going to be banned now or what?" and he was told "Of course not."
He was not punished in the slightest, merely warned about following the clearly stated /rules.

Only a fool would think that any form of rule only exists for younger people, and only a fool would write such an unbalanced review.

Moving on from that, the server spawn is quite simplistic, but looks really good. I hear they plan on expanding it to have a few of their gyms and housing there. The staff are friendly and the community eagerly welcome new players and returning players alike with kind emoticons! I feel like I can easily ask anyone for help or advice and get pointed in the right direction. I think I might stick around on this server :)
Posted 22nd Jul 2016