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We are a Modded Pixelmon server running Minecraft 1.10.2, Pixelmons latest version 5.0.1, and multiple other entertaining and fun plugins - >> Events >> Economy >> Tournaments >> Factions >> Player Shops >> Admin Shops >> Npc Gyms >> Player Gyms >> Earnable Ranks >> Mature >> Friendly >> Towns >> Quests >> Auctions >> 2x PokeSpawns!

Special: In order to play on our server you need the following requirments - Pixelmon Launcher (or) a modded forge client.

(fastest and easiest setup) Link to pixelmon launcher! - [url][url] And download (Pixelmon Launcher for Windows (Beta) That's it! You're all setup :)

(slightly more complicated process) Step 1. Download any vanilla Minecraft launcher you prefer. / Step 2. Visit this link and download the latest version for Minecraft 1.10.2 / Step 3. Install the forge client into your existing .minecraft folder. / Step 4. Download Pixelmons latest 1.10.2 version of (pixelmon core downloads) here [url][url] / Step 5. Navigate to your .minecraft folder and locate the (Mods) folder. Place your pixelmon download in there. / Step 6. Launch minecraft with your newly created forge profile and join our server!

Hey guys! Thanks for checking us out. We are currently a small community server with a 24/7 quality host. Our server is in the beta stage and we are expanding our ever growing world every day!

We use, and will always use the latest versions of Minecraft 1.10.2 and Pixelmon 5.0.1 Our server is aimed towards Adventure with many Quests, Npc gyms, Player Gyms and Events! We also feature Soo much more! / We also fully support Survival Gameplay. We have many custom Towns / NPC gyms / Player gyms / EV gardens / Boss Towers / Grief Prevention / Custom quests for your adventure, survival, leisure, and competition pleasure! We also have a variety of features, such as Weekly events, Tourneys, Earnable ranks, and Kits to name a few!

We have custom plugins as well as essential / entertainment plugins for your enjoyment! Some of these include but are not limited to Pixel-auctions, Team Conquest, Economy, Player Gyms, Grief Prevention, and Player Shops plus many more!

Server IP: Join us today!

You can visit our website today! Website:

Great server totally recommend. Well balanced , Great staff , Great players. Come join!
Posted 19th Mar 2017