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The Aipom Network

The Aipom Network


The Aipom Network is here to provide the best Pixelmon Generations experience possible for you.


IP Address:

Real Player Gym Leaders - You can apply to become a gym leader on the server. Teams will be supplied to you.

Challenging Gyms - Defeating these gyms is an accomplishment, every time you defeat one of them, you will be rewarded.

Free Ranks - You do not have to pay to rank up. When you join the server, you will automatically be a Youngster, but as you defeat gyms, you will rank up. (Example: Trainer, PokeFan, Ace Trainer, etc.) As you rank up, you will gain commands such as pokeheal, fly, and pc.

Elite 4 - Senior Gym Leaders will become part of the Elite 4.

Champion - To become the champion, you must defeat all of the gyms and the elite 4. You will then become the champion. If you are defeated, you will lose your position as champion.

Wondertrade - Test your luck and throw some of your Pokemon into the wondertrade! Put a Pokemon in and you might get lucky and get a legendary out!

Events - Events happen very often. (Usually daily.)

Griefprevention - We have the griefprevention plugin which allows you to claim land and build a house on it. You can use /rtp to find unclaimed land. Claim it using a golden shovel.

Weekly updates - Although currently we only have 1 town and 1 gym, every weekend we will add a new feature. We plan to add one city a week. Event buildings will also be created.

Helpful Staff - We have staff that will be able to help you with almost any question you have about our server. You can reach them on our Discord as well.

Based on the Sinnoh region - All of our gyms and towns will be based off of the Sinnoh Region.

High Shiny Spawnrate - Ou shiny spawnrate is 1/500 which is amazing compared to the default spawnrate of shinies.

Shiny Starters - All starters are shiny and level 10 instead of level 5.

We are hiring for staff and gym leaders as well. Let us know if you'd like to be a staff member and we'll tell you what is required for all staff members.

IP Address:

Really great server. The owner and other management staff are friendly the server runs well with almost no downtime. When playing on this server you can progress through ranks by winning against the gym leaders which also gives you more commands. For example the first gym is rock with a lvl 25 cap. Once you beat rock gym you'll get /pokeheal and I believe for later gyms you'll get /fly and other fun commands. Theres no micro transactions so no pay to win in this server, you can't just buy a team of legendaries from a shop. You'll have to work for perks by assembling teams and beating the gyms. The servers quite new at the moment but the owner is working on adding more plugins and events to further enhance the experience. I feel the ranking system is a refreshing way of doing things rather than forking out money for benefits. A great pixelmon experience in my opinion 10/10
Posted 5th Nov 2017