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shiny starters

shiny starters, custom modpack, lvl 500 pokemon


Ever wanted to dabble in magic or build complex factories/machines, but still indulge yourself in the amazing world of Pixelmon? Well, The Modded Way Pixelmon has just those features! Don't worry adventurers, There's plenty of land to explore and claim in the name of exploration among the magic, tech, and Pokemon!

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Ignorance is no excuse!

The following rules if broken will result in punishment ranging anywhere from a kick to an IP ban depending on the severity of the breach and will be decided by how severe the Staff member deems your offense. You can apply for a pardon on the forums ( The rules may change without notice and consent at any time.

General chat rules, these are to be followed in ALL CHATS!

  1. Insults and aggressive verbal behavior towards others will not be tolerated.

  2. There will be no cussing or swearing of any kind, this is a PG community!

  3. Use common sense, don't try to aggravate others

4.Moderators and Admins (and their opinions) are to be respected.

5.Impersonating Staff members or using Staff like tags in game, on Discord, or any other place will not be tolerated.

6.Only English is allowed in the public chat.

7.Spamming of any kind is prohibited.

Pixelmon server rules.

1.Trading over a public channel is to be kept to a minimum.

  1. Negative behavior (Griefing, Theft, Etc) will not be tolerated

3.We don't argue with griefers (grieferists)

4.Unintentional griefing is to reported immediately

5.Constructions, chests, animals etc. belonging to other players may not be moved or destroyed without the owner's permission.

6.Usage of levers, buttons, beds, shrines (etc.) you don't own isn't permitted.

  1. Avoid complex Redstone systems.

8.Avoid Loops in any kind of way (example: electric cable, conduits, pipes...)

9.Avoid high number of items lying on the ground (caused by conveyors or droppers etc)

10.Do not overstate, this is a multiplayer environment and not singleplayer where no one else is affected by your doings.

11.If you cost the server too many resources (CPU/RAM) we will not hesitate to undo your work.

12.Trees have to be chopped down entirely and replanted.

13.Pvp is NOT allowed unlness ALL parties involved have given consent. Any kills without consent will be treated as griefing!

14.1x1 holes, traps and similar ways to kill other players are not allowed in all worlds.

15.Mods, Texture Packs or similar that would give you an advantage (like X-Ray and Fly-Mods/Cracked clients) are strictly forbidden.

16.You will not get lost items back. When they're gone, they`re gone.

  1. Inactive claims will be removed after two weeks

  2. If a base is only partially claimed then assume that it's occupied and leave

  3. AFK machines are not allowed for non Donors!

  4. Natural and essential spawns like shrines and pokechests are not allowed to be claimed

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