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Tall Jungle Spires

Tall Jungle Spires

This is just one of the unique biomes you can find on PokeXplore!

Updated to Pixelmon 8.2.0!

PokeXplore has several unique features for you to enjoy!

  • Custom Terrain
  • Automatic Loot Chest Refills - globally!
  • Stunning and Unique Auras

Our Auras speak for themselves!

  • Dual-Type Gyms
  • Pixelmon Spawners appear in dungeons
  • Pokemon can learn any move they learned in any game from gen 1-8
  • Simple TMs - only one TM for each move
  • NO Shiny Starters! (gasp)
  • More features to come!

Pixelmon is the ONLY mod you need to install in order to play! If you need help installing, or have issues connecting to the server, please contact us on Discord or submit a help request here:


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