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VOTE SHOP ( - ) More benefits and rewards for voting!
ANTI-FALL DAMAGE ( - ) No more death from falling off cliffs!
ELITE-4 ( - ) Looking for ELITE-4 Trainers! Apply today!
GRIEF PREVENTION ( - ) Your homes are safe from thieves!
GTS ( - ) Sell and buy your goodies and Pixelmon!
GYMS ( - ) 10 fully custom built gyms!
EVENTS ( - ) Fun minigames, DropParty, Discord events, and rank giveaways!
ACTIVE STAFF ( - ) Helpers, Mods, and Admins online daily!
GIANT STARTER KIT ( - ) Start off with a crate key and powerful loot!
SHINY STARTERS ( - ) All shiny starters for new players!
DONATION RANK OVERHAUL ( - ) Massive Donation Rank changes!

Horrible owner, If you critique him he will ban you.
Posted 17th Nov 2019
If you're looking for a fun server to invest in, this is not the server for you. The ingredients to this server include: poor customer and staff service, lack of functioning / decent events, a bigoted owner, an awful economy, few plugins, a relatively empty shop (missing lots of MC items / blocks), and discord emojis that aren't even relevant to MC or Pixelmon. While some staff members think that this server is actually on the Pixelmon Reforged pack, others believe Zoroark is a legendary Pokémon and will deliberately scam, harass, abuse, or completely ignore you. It's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Also, there is no set standard for punishments, so if you're actually looking for a server to abuse, then please come! Some people will get banned immediately while others they'll take time-- the best part is that they don't seem to know there's something called an IP ban! Isn't that wonderful? Everything about this server is toxic, from the racist spewage of the incompetent staff owner, to the poorly coordinated events and lack of player gyms, player E4, or really any other interesting things to keep you playing! Have a great day if you read all of this, and for the love of God, go play on a more popular / friendly server.
Posted 13th Jul 2019
very friendly staff are helpful players are nice rules are enforced by staff growing server most will like its
Posted 12th Jul 2018