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Looking for a brand new server for the summer? Cant decide which server to choose? Look no further than! Were extremely happy to announce our new server is here for everyone to enjoy! Our server is looking for players for our Elite 4 And Gym leaders! Interested yet? Were not done explaining everything yet! Our server is on Pixelmon Generation Official, so that means we have all generations of starters! from bulbasaur to Litten, from Mewtwo to Marshadow, we have nearly EVERY SINGLE POKEMON you could ever have!

We also have:

Weekly events
Active staff
Grief Prevention
Keep Inventory
Awesome Kits

And many more to come! if you are looking for an awesome server to start your summer off with, you better join PokeIndustry right now!

Wanna join our discord?

Have fun, and catch em' all! -Yaboiaddi

very friendly staff are helpful players are nice rules are enforced by staff growing server most will like its
Posted 12th Jul 2018