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PokéSplash is a brand new pixelmon server that aims to provide a fun experience for all players. With our No P2W policy, active staff members and regular events, we strive to develop an inclusive and interactive server for all to enjoy! Come join us and be part of our growing community!

Custom server builds
Economy plugin
NPC gyms and player gyms
Fun events with rewards for all participants
Vibrant community of both casual and competitive pokemon players
Free access to many useful and fun commands
(/checkspawns, /checkstats, /ivs, /evs, /PC, /pokeheal, /enderchest, /back, /nick, /hat)

A recently started server that is the most genuine server I have played on. The staff are amazing people and the owner is the kindest and most transparent owner I have ever met. There is no Pay to Win, every needed command is free! A very laid back community with an amazing competitive scene. Everyone is so genuine and definitely worth your time.
Posted 23rd Feb 2019