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My honest review of
After playing for over a month I've come to see both the joys and woes of the server. Firstly I'll go over the parts of it that have left a good impression on me.

1. Its open world aspect. The fact that it allows Minecraft's Minecraftyness to stay as opposed to other servers which outright stop players from exploring a world easily makes it a great server. The fact that you can also use commands such as /claim to stop your builds from being griefed is also a nice touch.

2. The server owners seem nice. The few interactions which I've had with them made them seem generous; giving out ranks to players which you would normally have to pay for. This makes the community seem a lot more closely knit as opposed to other servers where you hardly see them at all. The fact that there is not much pay to win monetisation and that it isn't thrown into your face also speaks volumes about them.

3. This is both a positive and a negative; the server has a fair few features to improve quality of life in the Pixelmon mod, even if some of these are locked behind paywalls (some monetisation is fine). This includes things like /shrine or /gts to promote a player economy. Although a lot of these features are rife with bugs and usually break.

So those were the main positives of the server that make it stand out. But you might be asking why the ":|" review? Because, to some degree, the negatives outweigh the positives.

4. The moderation. Sure, your brief read through the rules could leave you feeling that the server is pretty chill about minor oversteps, however that is hardly the case.

4a. If you accidentally use a few to many capital letters to express yourself in a moment of excite or your humour is on the edgier side you risk being muted. It really makes it seem like the people with titles such as 'helper' or probationary mod are simply bots behind the screen, completely ignoring context or any human apathy in dishing out warnings etc. These are the people with whom the majority of the players interact with on a daily, so having them act like this leaves a sour taste for newcomers. (It just feels like they are trying to exterminate any rule violators, no matter how minor, in order to climb the ranks). Although they do provide helpful information if you leave a query in chat, as you can tell- my experiences with them have been far from good.

4b. Expanding on the idea of them being robots behind the screen, you don't get a much different experience in the instances you need help from a higher rank (lets say you need help through a ticket). They treat themselves as some sort of omnipotent being who's verdict is perfect, even if the rule you are getting reprimanded for does not exist (which has actually happened to me on more than one occasion. And no, you do not get compensated).

Don't take these too seriously if you aren't someone who particularly interacts in chat, stick to the rules religiously and you should be fine.

5. They have disabled features, a LOT of features. Simple things like shopkeepers, and catch-combos (which I agree, are objectively broken) to things like external-moves and Celebi shrines. Sure some of these things are reasonable, whereas others just impede the fun of the server.

5a. A lot of Minecraft's vanilla features are disabled also. They argue that this is to reduce lag (which I admit, can be prominent when 100+ players are online) but overall the experience would be smooth without these. They disable things like maps, redstone, End cities and portals which can make the server feel hollow. Though this is a Pixelmon server; so don't expect a normal playthrough.

Overall I have (mostly) enjoyed my time on the server and plan to continue it. If you seek a fun Pixelmon server I do recommend Pokeland, as if you aren't intentionally tip-toeing the line everyone is a good sport.

TLDR; Give the server a go, you never know until you try it. But be careful of moderation.
Posted 2nd Apr 2023
Posted 28th Dec 2022
I love the sever the people on there are so helpful and the spawn of Pokémon is ok except for legendary poke I love the gym set up and everything else.
Posted 19th Jul 2022
the game is fine it just need something to find all the command and warp location
Posted 5th Jul 2022
i cant find the server /rules anywhere and dont want to play on a fascist server ever again
Posted 21st May 2022
it's very fun yes it is I'm totally not getting paid to say this
Posted 17th May 2022
dcskillzz my name is dcskillzz this game fun server fun good very good
Posted 7th May 2022
very fun server from user spoopsie
Posted 4th Apr 2022
core_icewolf is my in-game username
Posted 21st Feb 2022
In my opinion the best pixelmon server
Posted 28th Jan 2022
this the best i've ever seen. well done

Posted 15th Jan 2022
100% recommended best server ever zelixyt
Posted 14th Jan 2022
i heard about it on yt better than my other servers taht i played on :)
Posted 27th Dec 2021
nice sever and im finding everyting i need
Posted 30th Oct 2021
This is a very fun server to play on. Its the best one ive played on out of many other pixel mon servers. Great job
Posted 17th Oct 2021
It's pretty good and the community/mods/admins are really welcoming and nice.
Posted 13th Aug 2021
a fun server please join recommended to join.
Posted 24th Feb 2021
I love this server and hope to see much more cool stuff from it!:)
Posted 19th Feb 2021
Nice and 25 other characters say so
Posted 11th Feb 2021
I really like that you can interact and play with other players, the staff are really nice and I have shown this server to many of my friends who I play with on this server all the time!
Posted 27th Dec 2020
I didn’t dislike anything and I liked the different tiers based on how much you’ve played
Posted 8th Dec 2020
The server seems nice and fun to play, despite these upsides I feel like I have been mislead when i picked the server. There are no custom starters like the discription says.
Posted 14th Nov 2020
I love this server there isnt anything I see that I would dislike really. I really like how this server is open for example when u join people say " Wb " or " hey " this server has lots of life and I can see it growing massively.

Posted 25th May 2020
Fun and balanced. A lot of different things you can do.
Posted 25th May 2020
I started this server 25th May 2020 and from day one all players helped me out from installing the mods to playing the game, I'm going to continue playing this server because of how welcoming and how well run the server is. I've enjoyed playing and making friends with fellow trainers giving me advice on my team.

My IGN:Adamakers11
Posted 25th May 2020