This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pixelmon Prime


Brand New Pixelmon Server

Custom Biomes



Looking for new Staff & Builders

Pixelmon Prime... a real experience.

If I asked you what is the concept of originality what would you say? We use this concept to label an idea, but where is the truth in an original idea where it’s just came from somewhere else but looks it was original. When have you seen an actual server take into consideration a thought from a player and not a donator nor staff member? I search into a server where a true Democracy can be achieved whereas everyone can agree not just go with they have optimize your gameplay to be. Since the beginning of Pixelmon to the uprise of Pixelmon Generations I haven’t seen a true server in the sense of a Democracy nor original, and when we believe it is an original idea it isn’t because it always come from somewhere else as “We will include /Evs, /Ivs, and /Wondertrade (slot) confirm.” This is the use of ethos guaranteeing these things to the community whereas we can easily gain access to these side-mods, and when servers uprise it isn’t usually in turn for developing a community it to earn money as the objective of everyone today. When joining a server you choose a starter, use a kit, and just have the goal of catching them all which can get bore after so much time especially playing the Pokemon franchise itself. Yes, adding competition and gyms will be a satisfactory, but how long will these last for you too. So where are we at in originality, but when I come across this concept it would be something abnormal or different. I haven’t seen a player done a true survival since before the time of Cauldron/Sponge, and I believe playing survival you will have unlimited objectives. This concept of a survival has been brought to life by Willynator owner of Pixelmon Prime. Stop playing a handed game and start playing a game from scratch where you actually work towards your objectives. Pixelmon Prime deserves it’s players because I know there are people who get bore of the game being handed towards them so why not join Pixelmon Prime.
Posted 9th Nov 2017
Do you think i could sign up for staff? I see that this is a starter server and your going to need some staff :). I've never been staff or helper before, so it would be a first time experience.
Posted 6th Nov 2017