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Atlas Pixelmon

Atlas Pixelmon!


*Every Month The Largest City on the Server Will Receive 100% of profit from donations**

Atlas Pixelmon is Not Your Typical Minecraft Server.

Atlas is built on one sole principle: Freedom to the player.

Because of this, we do not believe in forcing the player to follow premade narratives, or go along a path already set for them. Instead, Atlas lets the player chart their own destiny in this brand new region of Pixelmon. ANYONE can build the foundations necessary to establish their own town, gym, and beyond. We treasure the player's ability to choose between living on their own, joining an existing town, or banding together with friends to build your own city.

Atlas is Pixelmon done SIMPLE:

No flashy screens, no unnecessary pixelart, no bloated spawns to lag out your computer, and especially NO overbearing staff. Do what you want, when you want, as long as you merely respect others

No Pay to Win, No Favorites--You build it and its yours;
Server wide official towns can be built by ANYONE. Gyms can be built and mastered by ANYONE. there is nothing holding you back

So take the leap into Pixelmon without the restraints.

Nice Owner, Fairly Active! Pretty Good Donator Perks!
Posted 3rd Aug 2018
I have Pixelmon Reforged 6.3.3 and i can't enter, please update because i can't change to 6.3.2 i do not know why :(
Posted 1st Aug 2018