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BearBros Servers Pixelmon

BearBros Servers Pixelmon

Spawn Village

Spawn Village

This is our spawn village where you will begin your adventure.
Highly detailed map

Highly detailed map

The map is full of secrets and custom spawners for pixelmon.
Beautiful scenery

Beautiful scenery

We have tried to capture the feel of the Pokemon games.
Elite 4 and Battle Tower

Elite 4 and Battle Tower

We have 8 gyms in total and the elite 4 and battle tower.

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Server features:

  • Original Map
  • Hundreds of Custom NPCS
  • Special Events
  • Natural Spawning Legendarys
  • Weekly Twitch Streams
  • Weekly Updates
  • Friendly Professional Staff
  • No Pay To Win
  • Adventure and Survival
  • Community Focused Server
  • 24/7 Gyms

About the Server:
Here at BearBros Servers we want to make your experience on the server as enjoyable as possible. We are more than happy to receive any feedback and encourage anyone to tell us how we are doing or of any improvements that need to be made to the server.
We also know how frustrating it is when you want to play but the server is down for updates. We use two separate servers so when the time comes to update we don't have to stop you from playing and because of this, updates should only take as long as it takes to restart the server.
As well as having minimal down time we also keep all of your saved data safe with one on site backup and two off site backups so if something goes wrong we can always sort it out.

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