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Limitless Pixelmon

Limitless Pixelmon - Pixelmon Reforged 9.0.6!

It’s an amazing server I play it almost every day and I catch Pokémon but I also love building amazing houses the people are super nice and very helpful
Posted 11th Apr 2018
Excellent pixelmon server for anyone who wanna a great time at this mod.
Realy friendly stuff.
If u serching a server with Minecraft and Pixelmon togther this is the server u looking for.
Gyms are hard and worth the time for wining them.
An in game economy with players shop that work pretty well.
That server receive from me 5/5.
Posted 7th Jan 2017
This server bans people for no reason whatsoever. Their staff member banned me for strip mining and somehow it was x-raying.
Posted 29th Dec 2016
This is a great server! There are tons of great people who just wanna play, battle & build together. The admins are super friendly and hardworking to ensure a great experience. So if your looking for a good time ;} Check out this server :)
Posted 19th Dec 2016
Great server, friendly staff. This is not a give-everyone-lots-of-free-stuff server. Server gyms are extremely tough.
Posted 10th Nov 2016
Nice Server Good Work Guys :D

Posted 5th Jul 2016