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Limitless Pixelmon

Limitless Pixelmon - Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.3!

Good staff, good server plugins.
overall good experience.
Posted 24th Dec 2018
To the people complaining about how the server isnt Completly suited to your needs and not made easy enough to just drone through the game like a mindless zombie. It is not supposed to be. It is a purely survival server that tries to stay as close to that as possible so no. We wont dumb it down for you or hand feed you what you need to succeed. You will need to work for it. That is the whole point. As for it being pay to win? im not really sure how you can even say that since thats been banned for a long time now by mojang and there is nothing in the shop that gives you any advantage in the game whatso-ever, simply asthetics and things like pc and iv nothing thats going to help you win. Sorry the server isnt easy enough for you ;). It truly is an amazing server with dedicated playerbase and staff
Posted 19th Sep 2018
For casual players only, if you’re a competitive player and or just don’t want to waste time hunting for Gems I wouldn’t recommend this server. Gems are the only way to check IVs without paying them real money.

You can’t craft rare candy.

There’s no place to EV train.

Majority of the economy are over-priced player run shops.

Also, wild pokemon can force you into battles, interrupting anything you’re trying to do. And if you think you’ll get around it, nope, as soon as you’re out of useable pokemon it teleports you back to the last healer you used. Making a headache for new players.

The up-side is that there's a smaller player base, for those who prefer the social side.

If you’re a casual player with a lot of time and disposable money to waste on in-game stuff have at it, otherwise, there are better servers out there that are not, Pay-to-Win.
The server replied:
- IV's are values are a hidden set of stats in the game. We've experimented with a few different ways to allow for people to check there Pokemon ivs without a calculator while still keeping difficulty. That is our current system of allowing people to revel ivs by the use of type gems matching the typing of your Pokemon those gems can be found in pokeloots, bought on the market or from other players, or found being sold by rare wild spawning npc shops. That is our take on allowing checking ivs. something I've previously did not allow cause personally i believe breeding should be hard and a major portion of that has always been hidden stats.

- You cant craft rare candy in reforged. That is not something server specific.

- We try to make the game actually difficult as apposed to other servers that hand you everything. So no, There is no ev training area in spawn like every other server out there. We make you explore the world to find the Pokemon you need to train. Cause that's sooooo hard in a game like minecraft /s

- Demand based economy. If you need something you gotta come up with money and no we dont allow you to sell trash items you find for a fixed price. you have to sell it to other players which makes things hard yes, but more balanced and that is our goal here.

- Honestly, Your going to complain about Pokemon aggro? That is a normal concept in the Pokemon world. If its not for you that's fine, but for some of us walking through a Pokemon world with no challenge to it is what feels wrong.

- I dont know what you mean with this part but you do have to play more to claim more if you didn't know that. and yeah the people here are great.

- We do add more of a challenge to the game. Like that is our actual goal here bud. I'm sorry this isn't the server for you. We work hard to design challenging game play that works well within the minecraft world giving new life to pixelmon.

- And no we are not pay to win. We design our donation rewards to not effect our game play. While some things have slipped through in the past the one you have mentioned (bypassing gems for /iv) is being reworked to not aid donators.
Posted 13th Sep 2018
After weeks of trying this server I've come to this, the need of gems to use to check iv is a hassle and must the gems come from ether pixelmon that don't spawn normally or that must of the wild ones with drop chances won't drop them, making you have to donate to be able to check ivs, shops are nice if you can find one open or if someone with no items takes a stand, very heavy player economy since the lack of bein able to sell junk to npcs, player run gyms is nice and only tough with the lack of iv knowing since stuck behind a pay wall. You can ev train.... In the wild... The bounty system that's in place is a nice way for custom made stuff but that does get stale fast sadly. Spawn area is nicely made bit confusing since things feel cramped together and since shops are ether overpriced or just lack of hurts the area. If you want to spend your time grinding bosses for gems or hoping that a "5% drop" would drop then you will like this server
Posted 24th Jul 2018
It’s an amazing server I play it almost every day and I catch Pokémon but I also love building amazing houses the people are super nice and very helpful
Posted 11th Apr 2018
Excellent pixelmon server for anyone who wanna a great time at this mod.
Realy friendly stuff.
If u serching a server with Minecraft and Pixelmon togther this is the server u looking for.
Gyms are hard and worth the time for wining them.
An in game economy with players shop that work pretty well.
That server receive from me 5/5.
Posted 7th Jan 2017
This server bans people for no reason whatsoever. Their staff member banned me for strip mining and somehow it was x-raying.
Posted 29th Dec 2016
This is a great server! There are tons of great people who just wanna play, battle & build together. The admins are super friendly and hardworking to ensure a great experience. So if your looking for a good time ;} Check out this server :)
Posted 19th Dec 2016
Great server, friendly staff. This is not a give-everyone-lots-of-free-stuff server. Server gyms are extremely tough.
Posted 10th Nov 2016
Nice Server Good Work Guys :D

Posted 5th Jul 2016