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Limitless Pixelmon

Limitless Pixelmon - Pixelmon Reforged 9.1.7!


Welcome to the world of Limitless Pixelmon!

We are a Survival-Pixelmon server dedicated to bringing the best of both pixelmon and minecraft together.

We have a mature, friendly, and active community, weekly Events and Tournaments, challenging Gyms, and Badges to track your progress, and our Staff who work hard to be continually adding new custom features, fixing bugs as they arise and reducing lag when ever possible.

You can join us using pixelmon version 9.1.7 at
Visit our website to earn more about our server and custom features.

Or join us on discord

pay to win server honestly. not many fun activities, and the staff are so hostile for no reason. unless you’re part of their circle or group they are not friendly. most players are more friendly than the staff.
Posted 16th Aug 2023
Despite the name, the server is very limited in what you can actually do. No real ways to make money apart from voting for a server you may not even like, or waiting for hours to farm rare items/pokemon that most of the staff/regulars have already farmed to hell and back, so you won't even be able to FIND any let alone sell any.

A few of the staff are incredibly passive aggressive, and most of the staff are quick to ignore new players asking for help, but quick to punish people upon doing anything wrong. There are a few staff members who are genuinely lovely people.

A lot of the big features of Pixelmon are not allowed on this server due to them "breaking the server and the economy" despite them working perfectly fine in most other servers. The economy is player driven, which means the staff and regulars control 90% of the economy. You will not be helped if you want to earn money in this game. You cannot earn through trainer battles as that is disabled. The prices of which you sell items to NPC shopkeepers are heavily modified to be an absolute waste of time to sell (If you can even find any items to sell, as 99% of the map has already been completely looted)

All in all, this server is strictly survival minecraft with Pixelmon in it, but not all of Pixelmon, and the parts of Pixelmon that are in the game are heavily gatekept by a small portion of the playerbase. There are kind people in this server, but the louder minority makes it insufferable to play on most of the time.
Posted 16th Aug 2023
wish you can sell items to npc
Posted 14th Jun 2023
has a feature to "make it more like the actual pokemon games" where you black out when all of your pokemon faint. then it teleports you to the pokecenter and you can't use /back. very unsatisfied with this plugin
Posted 1st Mar 2023
works well and is reliable
Posted 21st Nov 2022
i really like this sever. very helpful people
Posted 29th Oct 2022
Community is mostly good but the helpers and admins can be quite rude and unhelpful. Both of the servers never reset as well which leads to monopolizing by the players that have been there the longest. The admins also show blatant favoritism allowing access to certain things that you normally have to pay for such as more claim area, more tp's, etc to their friends leaving average players at a stark disadvantage. Due to the fact that there is blatant favoritism it leads to the server being pay to win and which should never be ok. As well, the only real good consistent way of being able to make income is by voting for the server on several shady websites which seems quite unethical.
Posted 1st Sep 2022
awesome server i really enjoy my time here
Posted 12th Jun 2022
Its a good server and it's fun with kind and forgiving people.
Posted 9th Jun 2022
helpful and kind people thankfully I got help from some people can't wait to become op in this server
Posted 5th Apr 2022
its so good i luv the pokemon
Posted 17th Mar 2022
Fantastic server very well put together and a great community. Very fair game play
Posted 17th Jan 2022
solid server and pretty active
Posted 4th Dec 2021
Its a nice server its a nice server its a nice server
Posted 2nd Nov 2021
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Posted 11th Apr 2021
This server is great. Grinding is easy, as there are a lot of different biomes to grind in. Haggling is usual and gyms are difficult to defeat. However, one of the few cons is that bosses are hard to find, and you can only find one accidentally in my experience. ;) Other than that this server is a great experience to those who are new to the game.
Posted 27th Mar 2021
vary nice people well made start
Posted 18th Mar 2021
I love playing on this server with friends, and I love the comunity to! :)
Posted 28th Feb 2021
10/10 server, has a great community and fairly regular updates
Posted 8th Feb 2021
so far i have really enjoyed myself i just think it kindda sux that we dont have more claiming room basic
Posted 11th Sep 2020
Best friendly server me and my friend Markus2Panda could have ever joined. Community is extremely friendly and the staff are respectful.
Posted 3rd Feb 2020
I like it just no clue how to make money
Posted 8th Sep 2019
Enjoyable, nothing bad to say.
Posted 20th Aug 2019
Epic ok so like the players are nice and give good stuff, they also help you with stuff. I was not able to catch some dragon pokemon and then helped me catch it and gave it to me for free
Posted 26th Jul 2019
This server takes a lot of time and patience to understand and get good at! It is tough to earn money at the start but will get easier as time passes by, the server economy is really unique since the prices for items are generally very stable and is perfect for haggling reasonably! The staff here is very strict on rules about basic respect and courtesy, ban hammer strikes to ensure everyone else has a fair game. The gem used for iv check maybe really tiring to farm for but u can just ask a staff or helper to check your pokemons iv for you (they are really nice or u can even ask me!) I used to dupe items and cheat and was banned for a month, but when i asked appealed to the server owner he was nice and willing to give me a second chance back in the game.

This server to describe shortly feels Homely.

p.s. if youre new or need any help u can approach me ingame! :D always willing to help out new players
Posted 16th May 2019