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Crystal Pixelmon [Whitelisted]

pin_drop (private server)

Welcome to Crystal Pixelmon, a new 24/7 whitelisted Pixelmon Dark 2.4 SMP server!

Our #1 rule is no griefing, and doing so will result in a ban.
The full Pixelmon server rules can be viewed on our website.

We have player gyms, a keys plugin to lock your chests, and NucleusEssentials for /home, /warp and /tpa, so you can explore without the fear of losing your base or your friends.

If you're interested in joining, submit a whitelist application on our website.

Can u whitelist me my ign is CaptAccident and my gmail is if u could msg me ip ! im good builder and maybe we can change this server to an open server
Posted 24th Sep 2017