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The Nameless Pixelmon are one of the many gaming servers hosted by The Nameless gaming clan. The server currently has 50 player slots allocated to it which may be increased in the future.

The server gives you a level 15 starter when you begin your pixelmon journey which gives you a good start and you're not limited to only fighting low level magikarps the second you join.

We have a grinder for ev training which is convenient and is easy to use even for those of our players who are new to ev training. You can also easily check the ivs and evs of your pokemon using our /ivs and /evs plugin.

We have a system in place which allows players to reset the evs of their pokemon, so if you accidentally train your pokemon incorrectly it's easy to fix.

We have a /rankup system which has different perks/kits as you pay your way up with in game money.

The server also has wondertrade. We also allow players to use the /rp command which lets you to randomly teleport somewhere.

There is a casino where you can waste away your money for the chance at some good prizes.

Gyms will be introduced soon.

The server is ran by a mature staff who are very dedicated to improving every aspect of it and are always open to suggestions which you can post on our website

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