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I have been playing Dirtcraft servers as a whole for about 6 months. The staff is respectful and professional, they have custom plugins that offer a new experience different from the pixelmon servers that I have seen and played on. I have strong confidence in this server group. Strong communities built. Growing community.
The server replied:
We try our hardest to be the best (there eveeeeeer wasss) xD - [Owner] Tendollarsdeep
Posted 1st Jul 2019
10/10! where are my pants?
The server replied:
You don't need pants to play minecraft, silly :O :> - [Owner] Tendollarsdeep
Posted 30th Jun 2019
This is like the 2nd or 3rd time it's been relisted and it's still not released. And ETA is "the coming weeks"
The server replied:
Hi there. We have been preparing the server for the past several months and are making you can have the optimal Pixelmon experience. If there are any suggestions or concerns, you can let us know at our Discord ( Thank you.
Posted 21st Jun 2019