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This server has a technic pack that you can download along with putting the ip address and then bada bing bada boom you get into this amazing server. We also use molasis door, mr. crayfish and custom npc's are used in this server. The server has 28 gyms in total which are split into 3 leagues the last league being supa dupa fun with beasts and birds of generation one being only the tip of the iceberg of the challenges you will face. When coming into the server you get pokeballs, a pokedex, and some other essentials including the pick of a starter of your dreams. Once you get a little further into the game you can have your own home you can live either underground in the sky or on the ground so many places to live different houses. Come into our server its fun and if you are having trouble getting into the server or have any questions please feel free to contact us if you need help, we are friendly and dont bite.

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