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Welcome to PermafrostMC! We want to bring you the best we can!
We are always open to suggestions. We want our players to be able to watch us grow as a community and as a server.

Events and giveaways hosted on the discord and on the server!
We have a unique gym line where players are the leaders.
Get a free key every two weeks!
Monthly tournaments!
Fantastic custom builds!
We are also always looking for more staff members to help make this community better!
Join and Invite others to our discord to check it out!

Play with us at

Super helpful staff that are quick to respond to ANY situation, a warm and welcoming community, and a server that is TRULY one of a kind! Would definitely recommend anyone to come check it out!!
Posted 14th May 2019
Great new server. Active community with active owners and helpers. The community is very friendly and are always welcoming to new players.
Posted 14th May 2019
For a new server they set up everything really well and the owners are actively trying to do what's requested and what needs fixing. Really solid server
Posted 6th May 2019