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Nightshade Pixelmon

Nightshade Spawn

Nightshade Spawn

About Us:

Nightshade Pixelmon is a survival Pixelmon server that is just being launched. We have a fantastic group of staffers that are willing to help you and a wide open map for you to explore with tons of fun features awaiting you to use!


We are survival (Not adventure) so you can start by building your own house. Then your own city. Then your own region! We encourage and support great towns and will reward our players for bringing our community closer through beautiful builds however being a great builder is not necessary to enjoy our server! If you decide to work towards building a town, members of our experience team will assist you along the way and truly make your experience on our server unlike any other!

Custom Plugins:

Nightshade uses a fantastic combination of custom plugins that allow for a unique and fun atmosphere. Some of these plugins are ResearchBreakthrough (Quests), PixelmonMMO (McMMO tailored to our Pixelmon experience), and a custom version of PokeStops (Just like in Pokemon Go!). We are always looking for fun ideas to invest in and are always open to future suggestions!


We use PokeTeams to organize our teams. We currently have three teams - Team Rocket, Team Magma, and Team Aqua that we base our events, tournaments and challenges on! These are lead by representatives from our staff in order to create a fair and fun experience for our players while we all embark on our Team Adventures.

Come by and check us out.

Server IP:

I've been playing on this server for the past half decade. Spent hours on end living in the realm of NightShade Pixelmon, and i never regretted a single moment.
The server replied:
Thank you so much for your fantastic review of our server!
Posted 6th Sep 2019
I've been playing on here for a while now, and I've grown really fond of its aspect of community and helpfulness. I plan to stick around for a long while, and I hope others will too!
The server replied:
Thank you for your review! It is fantastic to see players enjoying our community! See you on the server!
Posted 26th Jun 2019