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Welcome to Pokecrafters! A server with too many amazing features to count! From Arceus to Zygarde, every Pokemon you could desire is right at your fingertips! All you have to do is reach for them. If catching Pokemon isn’t your thing, we have tons of features to keep you entertained.

Our friendly staff is here to help you with whatever you need!
All Legendary Pokemon can spawn, you don’t even need to purchase a rank!
Our Competitive Gyms will offer you a never-before seen challenge! Try your hand against competitive teams, and earn amazing prizes. Some of our gyms are even AI controlled!
An Elite Four awaits you once you attain all the gym badges, defeat four player controlled challenges in order to go up against the Champ!
Don’t feel like training your Pokemon? Or are too busy? Let our daycare command level up your Pokemon.
Want to support the server, but don’t have money? Try /vote, in order to get some amazing rewards. If you’re lucky, you might even get your own Legendary Bird Shrine…
Hunting Pokemon is hard, but don’t fret, Pokeradar and Gameshark are available on the server!
Can’t find a certain Pokemon you need? Try our custom made Safari, where extremely rare Pokemon flourish.

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