This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Coteriea Pixelmon! Shiny starters and Drop Parties


Welcome to Coteriea! We are a new community running Pixelmon mod and our community strives to make a fun Pixelmon server where you can craft , mine and duel other trainers like it should be!

  • We're having Auto Ranks! Yes auto ranks. Ranks for ordinary players with separate daily kits and prefixes!
  • Shiny Starters!
    -EVs/IVs/Hiddenpower Side-Mod!
  • Gym Leaders 24/7 Online!
  • Monthly Legendary Giveaway!
  • Top Voter of the Month gets random shiny and epic stuff!
  • Each and every of our plugin is for your fun!
  • Team's and Land claiming shovels!
  • Parkour
  • Events!
  • No Griefing and No lag!
  • 5GB dedicated ram to the server.
  • Make your own shops at custom Plots!
  • Tournaments!
  • Clean environment!

The server is still in beta phase! We're trying to get the best out of a pixelmon server and make it a fun community for you guyz!

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