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World of Pokécraft


Hello and welcome,
We are a new server, currently in open-alpha.
There will be bugs and oversights, please be cautious!


Req. Pixelmon Reforged 7.2
Req. Biomes O' Plenty1.12.2 -
We give you your own realm for your imagination. Roam the skies on your Pidgeot or sail the seas with your Lapras,
We offer an open-world experience for you to set off your jounrey on.
We offer a hub in spawn that has all your needs to come back to
We offer the option to go out and colonize your own land
Friendly Staff with many openings
Player built Gyms
A server driven by the players for the players.
Shiny Starters, Discord, increased ditto and legendary Spawns, crates, EV grinding and more!!

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