This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Thundurus Sky Prison

Thundurus Sky Prison


Hello Trainer do you know why you're here? I'm sure you know exactly why you little law breaker! Welcome to the Thundurus Sky Prison, this penitentiary is where all law breaking trainers go and suffer for what they have done. This state of the art poke prison has 9 heavily guarded Cell Blocks that are looked after by 26 highly trained Lightaris District Battle Champions. These Champions are fears competitors who strive to destroy your hopes of ever leaving this prison and seeing the light of day again. You must defeat these champions one by one if you ever hope to leave this dreadful penitentiary. Mines and safari zones are provided to each cell block to help you earn money for battle tickets and help train your newly selected Pokemon team. This challenge wont be easy prisoner, but if by chance you do happen to defeat all 26 champions, you will be released from our custody and no longer be considered a prisoner of the great Thundurus Sky Prison! You will be a free Pokemon trainer in the wild District of Lightaris. Build your base and scout the vast terrain for wild legendary beast and hidden secrets.

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