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We are a Minecraft Pixelmon server with a fantastic community and a top notch staff team filled with very kind and skilled individuals. Here at Meteor Falls we aim to give you a fantastic Minecraft Pixelmon experience. We are running a 1.7.2 Minecraft server with Pixelmon like I stated previously. Now I'm sure you may have a few questions and we will answer all of them right here.

Q: What makes Meteor Falls any better from a regular Pixelmon server?

A: Here at Meteor Falls we believe that we are one of the best Pixelmon servers around, We have a unique array of plugins to enrich your gaming experience as well as a dedicated Staff team to help you with any and all problems you have. But we're nothing without our fabulous community, the server is 100% family friendly with a no griefing policy! We have the required tools to fix all and any grief that comes our way. We guarantee that you'll fall in love immediately!

Q: Do I need to donate in order to enjoy myself here?

A: Absolutely not! Meteor Falls was created by gamers, for gamers. Here at Meteor Falls we understand how irritating it can be to see all these "Pay-to-Win" Based servers so we have written a special list of donor perks that will keep your gaming experience here fair for everyone, From the non-donor all the way up to the highest rank of donator. However that doesn't mean that you won't enjoy yourself by donating, We appreciate all and any sort of donation. We work hard to keep the server running smoothly and donations keep us running smoothly! We can guarantee you'll love what our donation store has to offer you, Regardless of what rank you choose.

Q: What does the world look like?

A: Here at Meteor Falls we have taken it upon ourselves to recreate the Kalos region from the Pokemon games "X" and Pokemon "Y" You can battle gyms, the elite four, And work your way up to the rank of "Gym Leader" & if you're lucky, Kalos champion! However we have many areas in our exquisite Kalos region for you to play some good old fashion survival with your friends.

Q: I'm confused, What is Pixelmon?

A: Well my friend, Pixelmon is a Minecraft modification or "mod" that brings the world of Pokemon to minecraft! You can battle, catch and train Pokemon all while playing Minecraft.

Q: My question wasn't answered?

A: We're sorry to hear that! If you have further questions feel free to email our support team right down at We'll reply as fast as we can with a detailed response to help you out with any questions you have! Thank you for choosing the Meteor Falls Network!

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