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Pixelmon Universe

Pixelmon Universe


Recomended mod/plugin:
Pixelmon 8.3.4 mod
JounrneyMap plugin
Custom Pokemon Textures
We had EV training Center, Level Training Center(A.K.A Blissey training). PokeBuilder, GTS,GriefDefender,WonderTrade,SafeTrade and so much more.
GYMS are currently being made but we are also doing player made gyms too so you can run your very own gym!.

We have tons of premium plugins on our server and tons of rewards and events to take part in Also have a nice discord so you can not only just play with your friends but you can chat to them also!.

Active staff and helpful crew we are waiting for you come join the fun! lets battle, collect pokemon and beat the gyms together!.

I gave this server a chance after lagging the whole time i played it, The admins call you a snowflake for complaining about lag and then ban you, They also want to charge real money for titles on their laggy server. The sever has no player base either and also resets randomly without warning

it is hosted in France not the UK very misleading

0/10 would not recommend
Posted 27th Sep 2021
Ultra laggy , to the point of it being unplayable. i got called a snowflake for complaining about the lag and for saying not to charge people money for things. Friend got banned for saying i wasn't a snowflake and how can you call someone that when you don't know how old they are never mind being offensive in the first place! no player base only the admins and owner plays AVOID , server hosted in france not UK
Posted 27th Sep 2021