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Poketowns 3.0.4


Hey there, we're Pokétowns! We're a community based server for this awesome mod! We've been around for a while now, since June 2013. We've seen a lot happen since then and we've experienced a lot of different crashes and mishaps ourselves but we've always made it through with our awesome playerbase! What separates us with other servers is that our players work together, we are a non PvP server so players work with one another to make towns, cities and to make really amazing things happen on our server. We try to be as close to the Pokémon GBA games as we can, having Officer, Leader and Elite Four ranks. We have a lot of plugins added and the only mod you need is Pixelmon itself.

We hold several events, sometimes these are randomly done but we are trying to make them more organized.

Hidden Chests
Drop Parties
Safari Games

Admins are chosen personally by me (I'm the owner) and are the most trusted players I have, they help me non stop keeping the server up and running.
Officers are applicable ranks that help to keep the peace, they have access to commands such as Kick, Mute, Co Inspect...
Leaders are gym ranks, to apply for leader you must have a team ready, your own town with a gym of your own inside it.
Builders are what the name suggests, they help build for the server and also take jobs from players to build them homes with Creative.
Trainers this is our base rank, this is what you'll start as when you begin your adventure with us.

Do not RAID, do not GRIEF, do not STEAL
-- This goes for ALL buildings not just those claimed doing any of the above can get you Temp Banned.

Do not disrespect players
Do not scam players
Do not force battle

If you find a bug/glitch that allows you to cheat/dupe, REPORT it to staff otherwise you can face a Temp Ban for abusing it.
Additional Notes
An awesome server for Pixelmon 3.0.0

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