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Professor Oak's Lab

Professor Oak's Lab

Normal Gym

Normal Gym

Steel Gym

Steel Gym

Dragon Gym

Dragon Gym

Pokemon League

Pokemon League

Hi there, And welcome to the Pixeldoge server!


We as a staff team want a fun and enjoyable experience for all players. We have our own website and discord,
You can stay in touch with the updates and all the events that are happening, that way!
We try to do regular events like tournaments and guess the pokemon.
Our staff team currently exist of 6 different people, But you can always apply to be a staff member if you feel like
you can (And want) to help the server out!
Most hours of a day there will be at least one staff member online, So if you have any question or concers you can always ask the staff!
And if no staff member is currently on the server you can always ask for help in the discord, A staff member will assist you as soon as possible.
And now on to some of the features the server has..

Mostly custom built towns for each of the gyms.

We have 8 challenging gyms, Can you beat them all..?
You can even become a gym leader if you are an experienced trainer!
More information about the gyms can be found on information boards in-game.

There will also be an elite 4, The first 4 players to beat all 8 of the gyms will have a chance at becoming an elite 4 member, Are you a good enough trainer to
become an elite 4 member..?

Everybody can become the champion! You just have to beat the current reigning champion. The server will start off without a champion and the first trainer
to beat all 8 gyms and the Elite 4 will become the first champion!

There will be many fun and exciting events regularly, of all different types.
Tournament: Fun competetive battles between trainers. The winning trainer will get some great rewards!
Guess that pokemon: A Pokedex number will be said and the first player to be able to guess the pokemon will obtain a shiny of that pokemon!
Drop Party: Everybody probably knows what a dropparty is, Items falling out of the sky!
And more events may be coming in the future! (If you have some good ideas you can always tell us!)

Outside of the towns, players can build their own houses and do anything you normally could do in pixelmon survival! Don't forget about the gyms while
building your awesome houses ;)

We have multiple ranks available for purchase on our website, These ranks come with a prefix, Items, Pokemon and commands!

-Safari zones
There are 3 safari zones built, where you can catch yourself some nice pokemon (Or train ones you already have of course)
2 of the safari zones are exclusive to people who buy ranks and come with better pokemon.

Working daycare where you can leave your pokemon and they level up and leave eggs over time.

-EV training cages
We have special EV training cages where pokemon spawn with the EVs you need, So no long grinds to get your EVs up the way you want them!

-Pokemon auction
You can sell pokemon or buy pokemon from other players using the pokemon auction!

-Grief protection
You can protect your creation with the Grief protection plugin!

When new pixelmon version or new sidemods release the server will be updated as soon as possible!
This will always be announced in the discord.

You can get a free shiny pokemon of choice by just joining the discord!

That was all for now.
We hope you'll give us and our server a shot!

-Pixeldoge team

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