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Our goal is to create a no-nonsense Pixelmon server.
A safe environment to enjoy the Pixelmon mod, without hoops to jump through.

A list of the important points of this server:
Pixelmon: We want to play this mod, as such, peaceful and no PvP
Safe: Backups, logging, restoration and claims
No rainbows: A simple chat, no color spam
No cheating: This includes all staff!
Hosted at home: Read the section further down
Small economy: Shops sell a few Pixelmon items that should be more common
Profit? lol: Just doing this for fun, donations and perks, no thanks
Feedback: Someone will listen to your ideas, just be constructive
Flexible: Plugins for future improvements such as custom recipes and actions
More info: Use the /inform command ingame

Hosted at home?
While it might seem like a downside, it actually is a great benefit here.
The only added upkeep is a slightly higher electricity bill.
And don't worry, it still runs 24/7.

Staff can manage and monitor the server like any other, as it has a Multicraft panel.
The admin can also directly modify the server, in control of specifications.

The server is a PC dedicated to the job.

CPU: i5 3350p 3.1GHz
Memory: 16GB DDR3 1333MHz
OS/Server: 120GB SSD
Backups: 1TB Harddrive
Internet: 500Mbps up/down glassfiber

Last but not least:
We have experience, nearly 5 years of hosting Minecraft servers.
Our starting staff has a lot of moderation experience, as they have been around during those years.
Plugin developer for quick solutions that don't exist yet. Such as our dedicated Pixelmon backup plugin.

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