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AuraCraft Pixelmon and More!


We are a very welcoming Pixelmon server community that is just starting out that needs players to help us get going! We have a very large amount of well known plugins installed, including: Essentials, which contains lots of useful commands, GriefPrevention, which allows users to claim land as their own, mcMMO which adds interesting skills into the mix, RandomPort, which allows the player to teleport to a random location, WorldBorder, which creates a border which players cannot get past, PrimeShop, an amazing shop plugin that allows you to buy and sell to shops with an infinite supply from anywhere within the world and many many more plugins! We also have some other mods installed such as WonderTrade which allows for players to trade with a random pool of Pokemon and maybe even receive legendaries and shinies. Legendary spawning is enabled, as is riding Pokemon! With over 400 million blocks to explore and a staff team always willing to help, you can't go wrong with AuraCraft. With your help we hope to become a network of servers in the future!

Despite it being new I've been having a lot of fun also the staff so far has been awesome.
Posted 2nd Nov 2016