This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pixelmon MMO

Pixelmon MMO


Pixelmon MMO is the best survival Pixelmon server with tons of great features. We have custom plugins, great staff, and many dedicated players to make your experience the best it can be.

Join today at

Also to join the server more quickly, you can find us on the PixelSpark modpack.

We hope to see you out there trainer!

Server Specs 32GB Ram
I7 4790K
1 Gbps uplink

Love the server friendly staff fun to be on amazing events
Posted 10th Jun 2017
Nice community and the staff are amazing alot to do in the map.
Posted 28th May 2017
The people on here are really fun and nice. They also keep it kid friendly while also being able to not be cruel mods or helpers.
Posted 17th Apr 2017
Hi! I'm a staff member (Ashen)

We reset recently, so we hope you enjoy the server, even with our bugs.

The previous map people claim to be copied was indeed reused by the same owner after shutting down the server the map was previously used for. (thought I should clarify this.)

But for my review, I've played on this server for a year now, and It really is the best pixelmon server I've played on, and we only hope to improve!

Thanks for playing/considering this server!
Posted 6th Mar 2017
it is a very friendly server that i can play with friends, do only thing i dont like is the lag that always happens on the server.
Posted 6th Jan 2017
This server is amazing. I think all of you should play it. Its really great! Its just...... just........ great! Play it

Posted 5th Jan 2017
I love the Pokémon in it but I can't buy stuff form vote shop I don't have any credits but I did not buy anything from the vote shop
Posted 8th Dec 2016
its a good server and i should be a good server:)
Posted 18th Nov 2016
chat is insanely messy, very confusing to be honest? is dual language so they have that going for them i guess. besides that it was pretty awkward here???
Posted 15th Oct 2016
Pretty sure they copied their map from another server? The server is a bit messy, some staff are nice though.
Posted 13th Oct 2016
best pixelmon server i hav ever been on
Posted 4th Oct 2016
Not original content and chat is very messy. Pretty sure they took their map? But does allow for non english speakers to talk in chat.
Posted 1st Sep 2016
I like that I was able to play the server, I dislike that I keep getting glitches that kicks me out. But still the only server I can play so far.
Posted 23rd Aug 2016
Posted 14th Aug 2016
Good Server for Pixelmon :D
Posted 7th Aug 2016