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Playing Pixelmon on FlaroCity gives you 2 choices of how to play. We offer a peaceful server which has features as npc gyms with elite 4 with a rotating champion. Along with events and raid battles (coming soon). The other server is the survival server which has monsters enabled. The survival server is harder than the peaceful server but comes with increased spawn rates of legendary and shiny pokemon. FlaroCity allows you to move your pokemon between both servers and is always upto date on the lastest Pixelmon version. To play you can use AT Launcher, Technic or head on over to our web site and download our custom launcher to make it easier to get started on your adventure!

Web Site:

Been playing on this server and with this community since last August. This server and owners listen to player's opinions and feedback to IMPROVE the gameplay to enhance the time a person has on their server.

If you are looking for a challenge with mobs while trying to catch them all with a community that wants you to succeed in doing so i strongly recommend join the discord and the server and come play with us. See you in game -Scooterxero (El Dorado)
Posted 4th Feb 2020