This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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OverCraft - Pixelmon 4.2.7


We are OverCraft, Our goal is to give you the best possible Pixelmon experience! We aim to do this by giving you a dedicated server and no lag! We have 30 GB's of RAM, suitable of holding up to 100 players without any lag, our server has automatic crash recovery, so if it comes to the worst we have you covered!

We currently feature the following:

  • Random Teleport
  • Shiny Starters
  • Dedicated EV training area
  • Enriched Economy
  • Jam packed server store
  • Amazing starter kit
  • Dedicated Staff and players

Our Website is currently under development! But you should check back here for updates!

this server is a blast i recommend it to everyone! the staff and players are so helpful
Posted 2nd Oct 2016
The fallowing msg in quotes is from a former admin who was banned for griefing the server and harassing the owners no no reason. anything he says about social spy and vanish is the same for most other popular servers. yes admins can check your chests but so can any admin on any server. it is all precautions to prevent exploiting and cheating.

"No privacy what so ever. All staff have social spy and vanish. so you're being watched 24/7 when you're least expect it. Any staff can look through your chests when ever they feel like. The Owners are to soft when it comes to banning people or muting players for misbehavior. The staff gets disrespected 24/7 and the owners don't do anything about it. You get banned for doing absolutely nothing wrong but when you break the rules its ok, you get a pat on your back. Server is literately trash. Its ran by kids 13-17 year old immature kids with do nothing to correct any troublemakers. I was an admin at one point on the server. I've seen so much shit that deserved bans, mutes, and kicks, yet nothing was done about it."
Posted 26th Sep 2016
Love Staff Coolest Staff Ive met 10/10 Server Dank Kits And Wt Is Amazing Also They Are Cool With Harambe
Posted 10th Sep 2016
I feel this server is doing a great job at what they do. They got ddosed a few times and that brought them down but that still didn't stop them. They're a great bunch of people with a great community except for jello and crylic (jk we love you guys). I hope that they keep on what they're doing and stay the same.
Posted 10th Sep 2016
I like that it has shiny starters and a great community. There's ranks for time played. Kits for each ranks, paid ranks, staff ranks. There is voting as well!
Posted 7th Sep 2016
This server so absolutely amazing ; staff is friendly and helpful. Rules are simple and fair and the server stayed strong when it hit a vicious ddoss attack from the owner of fortune minecraft pvp :) hope more people come to maken even better
Posted 7th Sep 2016
Unfair staff, bans people for no reason. poor economy. Furries and sensitive people. Cant do anything on here.
Posted 6th Sep 2016