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A good server to play SF4 and SB2 there a bit of lag but its understandable
Posted 21st Aug 2022
Very funserver, 0 lag and very friendly/helpful community.

IGN: Solexi
Posted 22nd Jul 2022
The server is not pay to win, and the legendary spawns are actually balanced. This server leaves room for player error, and doesn't punish when you can't catch a legendary. It gives decent rewards for playtime, and doesn't have many negative factors, if at all. Best Pixelmon server I've ever played on.

Posted 18th Jun 2022
The Server is really enjoyable to play, I enjoy it too much where im actualy playing it more than i should be working - the Staff or really helpful and the community inside is one of the best

- Coxyy__
Posted 19th May 2022
I love the Bacomon server, I hate that I have less time to play it but I enjoy it for just how simple it is. I do wish there wasn't a bacobits cost to claim land and was more like loyalty/time on the server-based as to have a decent base costs a lot per day. Though that's minor and not a big deal nor does it truly take away from the rest of the server and how much I enjoy it. I also like how the owner is real with players and is honest about what's going on with updates and things within the game.

Posted 18th May 2022
Okay, so here goes my review of Bacomon, which is a pixelmon server run by Kristii and team. Just clarifying this because reading down the reviews some are for other mods in their server haha.

I joined this server following my partner who has supported the Baco Network of servers for a fair while now.
The staff are helpful, enthusiastic and dedicated to what they are trying to accomplish here; a simplified use of mods that don't lag players out but are still extremely fun to play and have all of the main aspects of the mods you may have come across elsewhere.

So, Bacomon specifically.
The team worked hard to edit and put it together in a way that enabled players to enjoy the game, catch pokemon and build a community of support and encouragement within its players.
What it unfairly got, were players constantly complaining about elements of the game that were unchangeable, suggestions to add things that would ultimately lead to the issues that other pixelmon servers had already, or generally being rude to both the team and other players.

What I have found with this server is a whole bunch of positive.
The main aspect of the game is pokemon. You catch, train, battle; all of the good stuff you remember from the 8+ generations of Pokemon over the years.
The Minecraft element adds building, mining and crafting in order to create your own place within the world.
Put them together and you've got a really fun combination that enables you to play for hours.
Add in a community that tries to be helpful, legendaries which are comparatively easier to catch compared to other servers, so I've heard, and easy ways to make bits (in-game money) via voting and battling trainers each day; you've got yourself a great review.

Kristii and team have added features to the game that likely took them hours of tweaking and coding (which I have no talent for whatsoever so am suitably impressed) such as the apricorn hopper farm; a way to automate apricorn collection which is a key element to creating your own poke-balls.
Another feature was the market which they not only added to the Bacomon server but it is a new update throughout their servers as a whole. Just to prove they listened to the players; suggestions for a back button and date/time of sales were accepted, worked on and implemented within a week.

The team also work hard to fix bugs that are actually from the base pixelmon mod itself. An example; Pixelmon brought in the card element to the game which of course had a few bugs. These were highlighted and Kristii went in and fixed an issue where essence (what you need in order to buy trading cards) in raids was preventing the other drops and ability to catch the pokemon from happening. This was done within hours of being brought to light; another example of how they do care and do work hard to give the players a game that works.

I could literally write for hours so will summarise my review before it takes over the whole page.

I hiiiiiighly recommend this server to anyone who wants to play pixelmon in a friendly, safe and welcoming space where you're not going to lag out or be lost in the chat box (moderators read back via discord). Also, a space where you have a chance to catch those elusive legendaries you may have heard of on other servers but never had an opportunity to catch yourself.

On a personal note, having played the game now for over a solid 2 months, I've yet to use my master balls (attained via the daily login day 30). Just saying.

Deli ♥
Posted 17th May 2022
A good server its my server I go to when I wanna play some modded mc online!
Posted 17th May 2022
Honestly a shameless cashgrab by the owner of the server.

Took the base mod, removed basic functions of it, which annoyed players who were waiting for this release.

They made "custom gyms" which are monstrous 100x100 chunks of emptiness that people will spend barely an hour at due to poor npc trainers that seem like they had barely any thought put into them. The most frustrating of the gyms being mazes that you're expected to spend several irl hours at while the admin team laughs at you.

Bonsai apricorns? It's a joke, 10 minutes of coding for something practically noone asked for since there's a small limit of how many you can have per chunk anyway.

So besides the 2 main "features" what does this server have you might ask. Well let me break it down for you:

1. Upset players who were with the network for a year or more before this shameless cashgrab who are leaving the network due to faith lost in this admin team.

2. Childish admins who:
2a. Don't like criticism (to the point of harassment over discord dms)

2b. Take suggestions from the community and answer "no" 95% of the time.

2c. Call players idiots

2d. Mute people without a single warning though they say they have a 3 strike system, even if the thing said was along the lines of "Wasting my time"

3. 2 Masterball limit, unless you pay $50 for a rank, and then the limit is 3.

4. Nothing to really do post-elite4. They expect people to spend almost 1000 hours on this server when the most dedicated are beating the elite 4 and completing their pokedex within 200 hours. It's such a lack of content, that even when asked about it the owner says they "don't want to work on the server since everyone complains". The fact of the matter is the complaints were aimed towards a "gym" that takes people several hours to complete that exists solely for the amusement of admins. I've seen over 2 dozen people leave the server due to that alone simply because they wanted just a single masterball but felt spending hours of their lives looking at glowstone was a huge waste of time. The other complaints besides that were essentially about how poor their ticket responses were to both suggestions and to actual problems with the game itself. Legendary you're battling for the last 15 minutes (remember masterball limit) despawned because the owner shut the server down out of nowhere? Oh well, you're out of luck, it's your fault obviously right?

5. The server is almost constantly empty these days. It's barely 2 months in, how does a playerbase that started strong and was dedicated suddenly disappear within 2 months? It ain't burnout I can tell you that much. Some have moved onto other networks, while others were left with such a bad taste that they completely swapped games. The community was almost always united and helpful towards each other, but these days it's a ghost town due to how poor the treatment of players was.

My point is, if you're looking at this server as a potential place to play, skip it. People with 200-500 hours on this server are being drove away by the owner and his team, this includes players, such as myself, who were with the network for years.

As for Sour and Adam, you guys were the only good staff, I wish you guys had better leadership.
Posted 30th Apr 2022
i like this server :) it is fun
Posted 6th Apr 2022
Steer clear of this server, Staff have no training on what to do in specific scenarios, the owner is very power hungry and will do anything to satisfy his needs.

I was asked to remove a cable from my AE2 setup until I had lessened the amount of connections and machines, as it was supposedly causing lag, which I did. I later placed it back and asked the admin in question to come back and check if the TPS/MS was any better in that specific chunk which he then twisted my words and actions to fit his story to get the owner to come on and delete our system. Baring in mind ours was no where near the biggest on the server and was not causing much lag at all I would say that this was a total overreaction and an unnecessary punishment. After this, I was muted for asking the admin if he wanted a hug as he got very emotional for some reason after I asked him for help in reducing the lag and ever after that I was jailed for trying to give my base, well what was left away...

When I tried to ask the owner why it was removed and tried to resolve the deleted system, I was muted in the discord which resulted in me making a ticket to get it sorted, which I was then instantly told to message a head-admin and the ticket instantly closed.

I later spoke to another head-admin who was not in this scenario and asked if I got muted and my items deleted because the owner was "angry", which he agreed. The staff don't answer questions in chat, do not want to help you resolve anything, do not care what happens to anyone other than themselves and are constantly looking for the things to punish you for. The actual non-staff players do more to help each other which is kind of backwards in my opinion.

The reviews for the server are bought and paid for with in-game items and rewards.

This is all my experience within 5-6 days of playtime on the server and got treated like shit on a shoe for a good 70% of that by the staff.

Biggest waste of 100 hours of my life. Do not join as there are better networks!
The server replied:
I urge everyone to simply read rule 7

The person who posted this review simply ignored us when we asked them to alter their setup that was causing the server tps to drop from 20 to 14. Then was rude to our admin at which point I simply muted them.

As per us paying for reviews thanks for providing the screenshot but you can also clearly see and I quote "The reward will be the same even if you give us a bad review or a good one!" so we aren't paying for good reviews we are simply saying if you review us be it good or bad you get the same reward.

In short what I'm trying to say is follow the rules, don't be rude to staff and players and you will be fine.

Also this review is not relevant to bacomon at all since it happened on our stone block 2 server.
Posted 5th Apr 2022
great servers have been playing the stoneblock 2 for the past week and going to try the other severs

great community as well

Posted 30th Mar 2022
A great server! Well developed and balanced with a strong community feel. Players and staff are very welcoming and helpful. I highly recommend playing!

- 68i
Posted 23rd Mar 2022
This Server works very well, got many of Chatgames and the People there are very helpful.

Posted 11th Mar 2022
very good server. nicer community
Posted 9th Mar 2022
This is the best server out there, and the community is like no other! I liked it so much I joined the staff, and have been helping people enjoy the community as much as I do! :D I hope you can come play with us! :D
Posted 5th Mar 2022
What can I say about this server other than perfect? It has all the great things you would want (good, active staff, great community, fun events). The owner is great at using Java making his own plugins and even tweaking the mods if they mess up and lag, causing a lag free experience if you play here! Overall, 10/10 best network Ive played on minecraft.

Posted 2nd Mar 2022
A well managed pixelmon server with epic custom gyms- also it doesn't reset, what more could you ask for? 10/10
Posted 1st Mar 2022
Amazing server and friendly staff love the custom townie plugin <3 - SourTonicz
Posted 1st Mar 2022
Amazing server with a very good staff team. The server is well developed, has friendly staff with good support, and has little to no lag. 10/10 would recommend, even for beginner players
Posted 1st Mar 2022
Beautiful server with a ton of friendly players and awesome fun!! Great to smoke a bowl and relax while catching some pokes
Posted 1st Mar 2022