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Pixelmon Tournament Server! Munchie Craft!


Hello! Welcome to our description!

Our server is new, but we have many plans for it that will be listed below granting we can get enough players to compete in them! We are going to be challenge based, but that doesn't mean you can't go breed pokemon, mine, or do whatever you want!

We have the necessary mods including grief protection so that you can have a safe square from griefers! We have an active admin squad that is looking for more players to help manage tournaments and our main idea that will generate a lot of traction in the coming months.

We have an active elite four tournament starting this Sunday at 1pm Eastern time! If you want to be part of the very best champion team come play and compete for a spot!

  • As a member of the elite four you get mute and kick options, the ability to send lightning strikes at anything, and keep up with other challenges from players. If you challenge a current elite four member they will be replaced by you if you can beat them at their best!

Plans for this server:

  1. A player based and NPC based elite four
  2. Player based and NPC based Gyms, and towns.
  3. Player based challenge towers, similar to the battle towers of the main game.
  4. A secondary minecraft world that will be adventure mode only, built by admins to look and feel like a main pokemon game with shops, gyms, elite four members, champions, a pokedex with achievable items based on how many you caught. The more players I can get to help build the better! I plan on initially having the 8 gym, 8 town system with a special elite four city.

Come along and help us build an epic server!!

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