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Pokepixels - Pixelmon Reforged - Latest


Hello everybody! We're a brand new server running the latest Pixelmon Reforged version.

Why choose our server over the rest? Here's why:

  • Explore the full region of kanto! Including mt.moon viridian city + more! Our dedicated builder created these from scratch in a beautiful minecraft style!

  • Unlimited random teleport! Find exactly where you want to live, with no limits!

  • Spawns are extremely high! And no spawns are restricted, capture what you want, when you want it.

  • Player led gyms alongside NPC gyms - But we need you! We need gym leaders to support us! :)

  • No pay2win! Everything on our donation store is earnable completely free in game. We take pride in this.

  • Rank up depending on your playtime! We have 6 ranks, all with completely free, and awesome kits! Including /pokeheal

There is much much more for you to explore and uncover here at Pokepixels! Thank you for reading!

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