This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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★★Xilecraft HardCore PvP★★ [FACTIONS] [RAIDING] [V


Xilecraft HardCore PvP

Xilecraft is a Hardcore PvP and factions server based upon the principles of anarchy. This means stealing, raiding, betrayal, and lying to other players is all ALLOWED. Most of our staff has years of experience, keeping the server in check while still making it a fun and enjoyable experience. We work our hardest to make sure the the game is fair for ALL players, the same, unchanged rules apply to every donator.

Donors have special abilities. They have access to SilkTouch spawners and Double XP. Plus you get all the hottest items that come with your package!

Xilecraft is the type of server you would want to join if you like hardcore PvP! If you like HardCore PvP, then this is the server for you! You can Raid, Grief, Steal and Scam.

We are accepting to ideas and we would really like to hear what you have to say but a lot of the time, the chat is full of messages/chat amongst all users and sometimes we can't get to those questions but we will still try our hardest to respond to all your needs. As long as you read the rules and answer some of your own questions, we will be wiling to help with all other questions. Keep in mind though that this is a pvp and a survival server so anything lost will not be returned unless otherwise which will be handled between the player and the staff. Remember as well that this is a griefing server so don't complain to the staff that your base got griefed but build up and do the same to theirs or do whatever you have to, to make you happy.

Join our server and start scavenging through the deep jungles to the extensive desserts on your way to becoming the best faction on the server!

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