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PokeSaga [Reforged]


PokeSaga is a one of a kind pixelmon reforged server that will offer a unforgettable experience every minute you are on the server. We are home to hundreds of new players everyday, and the numbers continue to grow on a daily basis.


  • Gyms
  • Level System
  • Custom Pokemon McMMO
  • PokeBuilder
  • Custom Player Menus
  • Lures
  • Incenses
  • PokeStops
  • Safari
  • EvTraining
  • Player Vaults
  • Custom Tutorials
  • Friendly Staff
  • Daily Updates
  • Hourly Events
  • Weekly staff run events
  • Spleef
  • Crates


The server is really fun to play on and it has a very nice staff and community on the server, it has just gotten started but there is a lot of potential to build off of!
Posted 8th Jan 2019