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Pixelmon Conquest

Pixelmon Conquest


Welcome to Pixelmon Conquest!
We are a Pixelmon server with an experience like no other!
Things we offer:
Shiny Starters
Ev training
Epic crates
Server events and giveaways
A diverse shop
Player driven economy !
Gyms and elite 4
And so much more!

Our Ip:

Website: Http://



This server is very friendly and the staff is great!
Posted 10th Sep 2019
The server is new so don't expect it to be this grand display of perfect things. It has its flaws but the staff of the server, including the owner, work throughout the week in their spare time to update, fix bugs and communicate with the players. Speaking of players, the people there are sweet and I can't help but love them back. For people who are looking to show off their building skills, the server has an Instagram where they will post pictures of people's builds.
Posted 5th Jul 2019
Joined for about 5 mins got IP banned such a shame it seemed like a good place but guess not.
The server replied:
We’re sorry for your experience! Dm Lily#6380 on discord and we can figure something out to make your experience a much better one!
Posted 29th Jun 2019
I really enjoy playing on this server. The custom made towns and battle tower are beautiful handcrafted pieces of art. Beside that, the staff is really nice and interactive with the players on the server. Those things make the server quite a nice place to play some pixelmon.
Posted 26th Jun 2019
Well first time doing a server review, here i go.
Great Server , been playing on it for a while now. Server owner is awsome <3 . People on the server are friendly and always willing to help.
Posted 26th Jun 2019
The server is an overall awesome server to play on, has a great community and friendships. The owner is extremely nice and is always willing to help others in need. You get the joy of catching Pokémon, exploring the world, and making friends. So make sure to Stop By!
Posted 26th Jun 2019