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-Chezil- Pixelmon 4.2.7 No Store/P2W (BETA OVER)


Hello, this Server is run on Pixelmon 4.2.7, It has Custom Gyms five in total (more will be added and a storyline), Custom Spawn with shops, portal, and a daily spawner. The Server is running with 8gb and a I5 3330cpu so it can handle a good amount of players and the increased spawn rate, Legendary's can spawn I have turned down there spawn rate so they're about 3x more rare making them truly legendary and yes this is 100% not Pay to win and it will stay that way, I will only be taking donations to run the server.

Chezil is currently still in a beta form meaning it has a lot more stuff to come, I won't be wiping accounts on updates and Chezil has a in game ticket box for players to use for reports, bugs and suggestions on what they would like to see in game. There's no forums/website setup for now, This could change in the future. Riding and flying is Disabled for now I'm wanting to see how the server handles without it, this can change in the future depending on lagg and players.

If you have any questions please use the in game ticket box or ask me in game, Remember to share this with your friends and to up vote the server thank you for your time!

Thank you all for tying out the Beta, there's still a lot of bugs that need addressing. Progress will not be wiped and server will relaunch hopefully in the near future with all the bugs fixed and the content that people asked for.

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