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Pixelmon Ruins

Pixelmon Ruins


Pixelmon Ruins is a fun new server that drives to be fun,loving and something you haven't seen before. We have custom shiny starters, gyms, weekly events, loving staff and increased rates. We are in BETA and need support and donations to make the server bigger, better and more exclusive. We also have Ancient Coins you can earn by playing on the server and participating in the events to buy things from our store. We have a great, fun , competitive community and we can't wait to see you on!!

The owners and mods are all super nice, if you lose something, they give it to you. If you find something you can't catch, they catch it for you. It is a generally new server, so stuff isn't perfect yet, but I see extreme potential with this server. They have been working hard to set up new ways to make this server better, and despite the pixelmon shutdown have detirmination to keep going strong.
Posted 15th Jul 2017
The server has a lot of nice staff and is set up pretty well. It is based around survival and really emphasizes the survival portion rather than the server being a more hybrid like server. The community is great and I feel that once this server is complete with gyms and gym leaders it will be on the rise.
Posted 13th Jul 2017
Server is well rounded about being a "survival" sense as they really want you to farm your supplies. The only down side is legends spawn...... But you cant battle them or catch them a staff member must catch it. This takes away the sense of catching a legend because its pretty much given to you in a Mball for free.
Posted 12th Jul 2017