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Join us for a brand new pixelmon experience!
Tons of features including:
-pokemon hunts
-drop parties
And more!

The server is currently in beta so there will be more added features as we go along.

As it is in beta all players who join will be included in special promotions which include donor ranks/events/droparties and more!

So far, I have probably put in about 15 hours or more into the server and I think its an amazing server. Everyone I have met so far have been great to me and haven't said or done anything mean to me. One of the problems so far is just the owner not being on too much, and their not being any staff, however I realize the server is in beta. I just hope He can come on once in awhile to check up and help others. Other than that, everything has been great. I would recommend joining the server!
Posted 13th Jul 2019
I have thoroughly enjoyed the server in the past 3 days I’ve played. I would say I have logged roughly 20+ hours on the server and can undoubtedly say that the people and friends I’ve already made are incredible. However, there are some concerns I would like to address. This server is still in beta and there is little to no staff to guide new players. The spawn still requires a great deal of work and completion; things to be expected from a beta server. I wish the Owner would appoint more staff members or at least allow applications on the website to provide assistance when he is busy/away. If things I’ve stated could be fixed or sorted I would have no hesitation to drop money to support the owner and server! Will update this to reflect the server and my judgement of it!
Posted 13th Jul 2019