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Pixel Fam


Hey! we are a tight nit community server called PixelFam! We are a non pay-to-win server. Community engagement is something we pride ourselves on, being friendly and welcoming to all types of players. Being a new server with lots of unique aspects, a dedicated and passionate staff team who are always working on improving the server; building the server by the people for the people!

What We have to Offer:

Absolutely NO Pay to Win!
When someone pays money on the server, EVERYONE wins!

If you are online when someone buys a crate key, you ALSO get that same crate key!

EVERYONE gets the current weekly rank that has been donated!



Economy that is regulated by an economist

Weekly Live Streams!

Weekly Events

Competitive PVP

Much Much MORE!

i love this server and pokemon username:SkyShadowdark
Posted 28th May 2022
great server, not pay to win. tons of fun!
Posted 10th Apr 2022